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Appendix B (Example Person Loading Chart)

When bidding for a 3MC survey, it is important for each survey organization to outline how it plans to assign responsibilities for each task of the survey lifecycle to which staff members and how much effort (i.e., how many hours, days or percent of effort) is necessary for each staff member to accomplish each given task. This can be achieved by creating a person loading chart. Below is an example of a person loading chart with example study roles and survey tasks corresponding with each of the Cross-Cultural Survey Guidelines. If the name of the staff member fulfilling the role is known, include the name. If the name of the staff member is not known, include the job title. Indicate if multiple people will be necessary for a given role. The Xs are placeholders for the number of hours budgeted to staff for each task. It is critical that the total number of hours for all staff, for all tasks, equal the total number of hours for all months of the survey (see Appendix A).