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Appendix I

The documents referenced in this table contain items that could be compiled into project management plans or other tools discussed throughout the Study Management guidelines. (Other similar examples can be found on the websites of other specific 3MC projects.) Examples of the types of documents listed in the first column (Project Management Items) can be found in the four documents (two from the ESS and two from TALIS) listed in the subsequent columns (under Source Documents). The table provides references to the chapters or sections in the documents where examples can be found. Website links to the source documents are provided, below.
Links to Source Documents
ESS Blueprint Original specifications for the European Social Survey with focus on the central coordinating center functions. Available here:
ESS Round 7 Specifications Country-level specifications for the 7th round of the European Social Survey with focus on national coordinator functions. Main manual available here: Zip folder with various resources available here:
TALIS Technical Standards Country-level requirements outlined in standards format for implementation of the OECD 2018 Teaching and Learning International Survey. Available here: