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Appendix D (Example of an Interview Certification Form)

  • The aim of certification is to assess the interviewer’s conduct of the interview, including introducing the study, doing the interview itself, using all appropriate respondent materials and interviewer aids, closing out the interview, and recording all required information in the sample management system.
  • Specific studies should modify items in this form, as needed, to ensure that all key elements are measured in the certification.
    • For example, the template below assumes that an electronic sample management system (SMS) is used; if a paper coversheet is used to manage the sample, one should develop items appropriate for that system.
    • Similarly, the template assumes that the interview is programmed in Blaise, which is a data collection software program; if data is collected via paper and pencil, one should check the interviewer’s comfort in following routing instructions, choosing appropriate fills, etc.
  • Additional items may be included on the form and scoring may be changed to suit the situation. Some potential additions might include (a) professionalism (e.g., pace, tone, emphasis of speech), (b) establishing rapport with the respondent, (c) introducing the study to the respondent, and (d) the administration of specific areas in the instrument, such as cognitive tests or mental health questions.