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Appendix C (Example of a Training Agenda)

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The Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) utilizes a model agenda for training interviewers in participating countries. While the content of this agenda is SHARE study-specific, it might provide a useful basic template for other similar cross-national survey efforts. Organizations may add country-specific items to the model training agenda (e.g., tracing/locating steps that should be followed in their country, any relevant cultural considerations).

Note that SHARE is a longitudinal (i.e., panel) study. However, new countries join at each wave, or a refresher sample is recruitedhence, SHARE provides training for panel study and baseline study at most of its trainings.

The model training agenda assumes that interviewers have already received basic training in General Interviewing Techniques (GIT). However, since SHARE wants to make sure that certain specific GIT interviewing conventions are always implemented, SHARE spends part of the study-specific training reviewing those.

See the SHARE website for details about the study [zotpressInText item="{2265844:SECDXY76}"].

SHARE Model Training Agenda (N/A=not applicable):

Topic Purpose Panel: Time (minutes) Baseline: Time (minutes)
Introductions, Welcome, and Logistics Set the stage for this intense training. 15 30
SHARE Project and Questionnaire Overview Explain the goals of the project and the importance of baseline and longitudinal sample. 45 45
Sample Overview Understand how the sample was selected, sample eligibility, and response rate requirements. 30 60
GIT Requirements Cover minimal GIT requirements, including when and how to contact sample, probes, feedback, etc. 60 60
Overview of the Sample Management System Learn how to operate the SHARE electronic sample management system, assign result codes, and enter call notes. Introduce noncontact mock scenarios and test results. 60 90
Longitudinal Sample Management System Introduce splitters, deceased, new eligible respondents, and additional result codes. 30 N/A
Proxy Interviews Explain how to identify and interview proxy respondents. 30 45
Nursing Homes Explain how to contact respondents in nursing homes and to work with gatekeepers / potential proxy respondents. 30 N/A
Overview of the Blaise Program Explain the Blaise program conventions, including different types of questions, question wording, data entry, interviewer instructions, etc. 45 45
SHARE Questionnaire Walk-Through Describe SHARE modules. Conduct a scripted review of the questionnaire, including spawning of additional line. Address main questions and issues that arise with different sections. Longitudinal: Describe longitudinal differences. Explain preloads. Address different questions arising from reinterviews. 330 240
End-of-Life Interviews (EOL) Cover the concept of the EOL interview, approaching respondents, and administering the interview. Explain how to record these in the Sample Management System (SMS). 30 N/A
Total time training for the Panel Model: 1080 minutes (18 hours, 0 minutes) Total time training for the Baseline Model: 1120 minutes (18 hours, 40 minutes) References [zotpressInTextBib style="apa" sortby="author"]