Appendix G

Identifying relevant keyboard buttons with colors can reduce respondent burden if using CASI or A-CASI. The following protocol was used in an A-CASI survey of sensitive sexual and illegal behaviors in rural Kenya and Malawi :

  1. The survey instrument was programmed and run from a laptop, with external mini-keyboard and headphones connected to laptop.
  2. Respondents used the audio headphones to listen to the questions and response options.
  3. Respondents entered responses via an external mini-keypad linked to the A-CASI program on the laptop.
  4. Keyboard had numbers and color-coded keys for replaying and entering options; majority of questions dichotomous.
  5. Respondents were able to use A-CASI with minimal assistance.

Figure G1: Color-coded keys are used for an A-CASI survey of sensitive sexual and illegal behaviors.

laptop featuring color-coded keys