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Appendix C (Checklist of Items to Include in Summary Report of Study Methodology and Findings)

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3.1    The purpose of the study.
3.2    Who sponsored the survey and who conducted it.
3.3    A copy of ethics review board approval (if appropriate).
3.4    A copy of the informed consent form or script.
3.5    A definition of the population under study and a description of the sampling frame.
3.6    A description of the sampling and survey designs.
3.7    Sample sizes and, where appropriate, eligibility criteria, screening procedures, and response rates; a summary of the disposition of sample elements should also be included, in order for the user to calculate a response rate should one not be included in the report or a different one desired.
3.8    Method, location, and dates of data collection.
3.9    A copy of questionnaire, interviewer instructions, and any visual aids used in the interview.
3.10  A detailed description of results that are based on anything less than the total sample, including the size of the sample and inclusion/exclusion criteria.
3.11  A full description of the weighting (if appropriate) and estimation procedures used for all results that are reported.
3.12  The major findings.
3.13  A description of the precision of the findings, including estimates of sampling error.
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