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Appendix D (Disposition Codes)

[zotpressInText item="{2265844:VBTX5YGH}" format="%a% (%d%)"] The coordinating center should provide a list of specific disposition codes with a clear description of how to code all sample elements during (temporary disposition) and at the close of (final disposition codes) the field period. Generally, disposition codes identify sample elements as (complete or partial) interviews or non-interviews.
  • The coordinating center should set the criteria for determining whether interviews are classified as complete or partial.
  • Non-interviews are grouped by whether the respondent is eligible, unknown eligible, or ineligible to participate in the study.
Disposition codes are mutually exclusive. While sample elements may be assigned different temporary disposition codes throughout the field period, there will be only one final disposition code. Reference [zotpressInTextBib style="apa" sortby="author"]