Term Definition
A post-survey adjustment that may account for differential coverage, sampling, and/or nonresponse processes.
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Within-country language harmonization
The process of harmonizing language versions within one multilingual country, such as harmonizing the Ukrainian and Russian versions within Ukraine.
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Word list
Word lists can of course serve various purposes: When regional varieties of a language are to be accommodated, a word list can be created of the words that are required for specific varieties of a language. They can also be incorporated into computer applications of an instrument. A word list can be a useful resource for interviewers. They cannot, however, address challenges faced when regional varieties differ in more radical and structural ways from one another. A word list can also serve similar functions as a glossary.
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Working group
Experts working together to oversee the implementation of a particular aspect of the survey lifecycle (e.g., sampling, questionnaire design, training, quality control, etc.)
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