Term Definition
Open tendering
A bidding process in which all the bidders are evaluated and then chosen on the basis of cost and technical merit.
Open-ended question

A survey question that allows respondents to formulate the answer in their own words. Unlike a closed question format, it does not provide a limited set of predefined answers.

Example: What is your occupation? Please write in the name or title of your occupation___________

Synonyms - open-ended
Outcome rate

A rate calculated based on the study’s defined final disposition codes that reflect the outcome of specific contact attempts before the unit was finalized. Examples include response rates (the number of complete interviews with reporting units divided by the number of eligible reporting units in the sample.), cooperation rates (the proportion of all units interviewed of all eligible units ever contacted), refusal rates (the proportion of all units in which a housing unit or respondent refuses to do an interview or breaks-off an interview of all potentially eligible units), and contact rates (the proportion of all units are reached by the survey).

Synonyms - Outcome rates

An atypical observation which does not appear to follow the distribution of the rest of a dataset.

Synonyms - Outliers
Extensive editing that becomes too costly for the amount of error that is being reduced.
Overlap in the split translations

A compromise solution between split and full translations is to ensure that some overlap exists between materials divided among translators. The material is split up the way cards are dealt in many games, everyone getting a spread of the material. Each translator could then receive the last one or two questions of another translator’s "piece". This allows the review team members to have an increased sense of differences in translating approaches between translators and their understanding of source text components at the draft production level.

The exceeding of costs estimated in a contract.