Appendix A

Use of TVFF in Assessment through Verification

Figure 5 displays an additional component of the TVFF discussed in Translation: Overview, Appendix A, which permits documentation of the external verification process by an external reviewer. In the ESS, since Round 5, the firm cApStAn has been performing verification of each target language’s translation and documented the intervention category and any commentary in the TVFF below (European Social Survey, 2014b).

[For clarification: the abbreviation is sometimes using brackets “(T)VFF” and sometimes not “TVFF”: in the case of the ESS, the national teams have the choice to use this excel file for their translations (“T”) too – but it is used for verification (“VFF”) in all cases; this optional use for translation is mirrored by retaining the T in these guidelines.]

       Figure 5 – Verification Area of the TVFF, reserved for the verifiers

  translation assessment appendix a image 01

After the external verification is complete, the TVFF is returned to the national teams. These then use the blue columns of the TVFF in Figure 6 (“country comment”) below to review the verifier interventions, and, for suggested changes, either accept the change or reject the change with justification.

       Figure 6 – Post-Verification Area of the TVFF, reserved for national teams

  translation assessment appendix a image 02